Black Milk Cereal Bar 

Honestly I was rather dissaoppointed when I tried the ‘Triple Oreo Cheesecake Shake’.

With its attractive and mouthwatering looks I’d say presentation was its strong suit.


A dramatic flare of chocolate syrup draped over a not so creamy cheesecake, topped with whipped cream and then showered with Oreos was the beast you had to beat before you actually reached the milk shake.

My personal taste for cheesecake would be crumble, cream cheese, and then strawberry syrup, although I don’t mind cheesecake slices. But this one was bland in tasting without the whipped cream. I wouldn’t say it tasted bad per se, it just didn’t have much flavor to it.

Honestly, the best part about the entire shake were the Oreos, which with no thanks to BMCB were crispy and full of chocolate as usual.

(The chocolate syrup tasted like Hershey’s dark chocolate syrup and I’m hoping that that is what was, seeing as it’s one of the best brands I have had)

But I’m digressing. Let’s get to the actual shake. After I had my first sip I googled “black milk” to see if it was some brand or type of milk that I’d never heard of that was actually supposed to be off-tasting. Because that’s what this was. Honestly I felt like the milk has gone bad and could barely get through a quarter of the glass. The shake was runny and light. Not at all smooth and thick with flavor like you’d typically expect. I kept looking at it and trying to drink it because I felt bad. Something that looked that good should at least attempt to fit the same standards when it comes to taste. Alas this was not the reality of the shake (nor is it the reality of life in general but let’s save that for another blog?)

Truly, the only thing that kept me there for more than ten minutes was the fact that my battery was just about dead and I needed to charge my phone.

Before I went through this sad stroke of disappointment though I did try their ‘Madagascan vanilla’ hot drink. Although the presentation for that wasn’t as spectacular as the shake, it tasted far better. With a sweet white chocolate finish to it, it was warm and naturally a lovely welcome on an unsurprisingly cold Manchester morning.

The bar does offer normal breakfast cereals with a twist though, and so if i would reccommend it for anything it would be that. You certainly can’t go wrong with cereal .. or can you?

I’ll leave you with this thought, praying that you continue to eat vicariously through me.




Black Milk Cereal Bar

52 Church St


M4 1PW

Rating System – Remember that this is for the specific dish and not the entire restaurant xx

For the freakshake

*Loaf Lusters Favorites – for eyecandy

What you give is what you get

When you’re hungry you can eat anything

On the come up

*Not even in foodie hell – for taste

For the Madagascan Vanilla Hotdrink

Loaf Lusters Favorites

*What you give is what you get

When you’re hungry you can eat anything

On the come up

Not even in foodie hell




Black Milk Cereal Bar – Menu Recap xx

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  1. what a shame the taste didn`t live up to the look of this dessert. What a fab treat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. loaflusters says:

      I know!!! Still completely fab as eye candy though xx


  2. chris jensen says:

    Damn, yummy, yummy!

    i also see that you dropped in for a read,


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I would like to sample this dessert. Every day for 100 years !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. loaflusters says:

      Haha welcome,
      Happy eating xx


  4. Oh my heavens, I think I just suffered a food coma! Thanks for swinging by the “Ranch.” We ❤️ visitors, especially foodie ones! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. loaflusters says:

      Haha , loved it! anytime xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. It truly does look delicious, what a shame it didn’t taste that great!

    Liked by 1 person

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