Food trucks!!! 



I’m sorry. My caption is deceitful. The exclamation marks give the illusion that I’m excited about the food.

This is a food truck up on Oxford Road in front of the park by the Manchester Metropolitan building. They’ve basically got anything from hotdogs to potatoes. It’s quite basic , and a quick, cheap meal for any passer by’s. I stood there for quite a while because there was a 3pm lunch rush.

Frankly the only think that excited me were the size of the giant hotdogs, and true to my feelings it was the only thing I enjoyed. I bought that and a cheese burger as well. In Manchester, I’m starting to learn that you get what you pay for most of the time.

The bread for both the hotdog and burger was hard and crusty, and borderline stale. The beef patty was grubby and pasty, and felt infinitely unhealthy. I could taste the contamination in my colon to be honest.

Okay, let me settle down, I realize I’m speaking in hyperbole. I ended up taking out the beef and sausage and eating them on their own because the bread was pretty much inedible and was unprepared to stomach it out of politeness to my purse. I barely enjoyed the beef but the sausage was rather good. It was pork sausage and so kind of salty but it sat well with me better than anything else.

All in all I’d say cheap food, cheap taste. It’s a quick meal if you ever needed one but I wouldn’t recommend it as a treat.

on this not so tasty not, pray you continue to eat vicariously through me?




Rating System – Remember that this is for the specific dish and not the entire restaurant xx

For the Icecream

Loaf Lusters Favorites

What you give is what you get

When you’re hungry you can eat anything

On the come up

*Not even in foodie hel

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