Redeemed ! 

Guys, after how I felt about Black Milk Cereal Bar during my last visit would you believe me if I told you I went back? I’m a glutton for second chances and Jesus Christ were they ready for a redemption? I had a little free time on my last food trip and after scouring their…

Food trucks!!! 

    I’m sorry. My caption is deceitful. The exclamation marks give the illusion that I’m excited about the food. This is a food truck up on Oxford Road in front of the park by the Manchester Metropolitan building. They’ve basically got anything from hotdogs to potatoes. It’s quite basic , and a quick, cheap…

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs! 

I told you when I slept I dreamt of bacon wrapped chicken breasts in mozzarella cheese, well my daydreams are clouded with bacon wrapped meatballs in BBQ sauce ! xoxo ~sugasuga

Pepe’s Piri Piri! 

Them : fast food is unhealthy Me     : I’m here for a good time not a long time Pepe’s Piri Piri 14 Wilmslow Road M14 5TP   Rating System – Remember that this is for the specific dish and not the entire restaurant xx Loaf Lusters Favorites *What you give is what you…

Meat-lovers special! 

In honour of it being a Sunday, I’m going to tell you about the beauty that is the steak that comes with mushrooms, that sits next to the fries, that sit in a white bowl, next to a couple of salad leaves, served on a wooden tray, that I had at Bella Italia. My Sunday…


I dream of bacon wrapped chicken breasts in mozarella cheese 📸 @ will cook for smiles 

I’m waiting 🤔

you say money can’t buy happiness, so explain carbonara? I’ll wait .. 📸 @casa a corte