Connoisseur of the good life ? 

Perhaps food being your only interst in life is a bit of curse. Answering “food”, to the question “what are your interests and hobbies?” always generates a room full of laughs. But truly what is better in life? What other activity indulges each of your senses to the very core. From the way the food smells, the way it looks, to the way it feels on your tongue, obviously not forgetting the way it tastes, really, what is better?
I say nothing , I say nothing at all.
Who is connoisseur? An expert judge in matters of taste. And what tastes better than food? We’ve already established that that would be nothing. Therefore, a connoisseur really isn’t a connoisseur if their palate is basic.
You say the person who says money can’t buy happiness has never ridden a jet ski, I say the person who says money can’t buy happiness has never had the sizzling brownie from El Toros Steakhouse.
On that note, I hope you’ll agree to eat vicariously through me.
Don’t worry though, I know food does sometimes dent your pocket, so while we eat, my aim is to give you a guide to the most delicious treats, at the lowest prices, spread over as many cities as I can afford; because I love food, and you love food, so let’s all be friends?