Rating System. 

2 things I detest

* a basic palate

* much ado about nothing !

I boast frequently of a ‘Beyoncé’ Palate and openly look down on any one who’s tongue reeks of ‘Michelle’. If you’re not following these are the most and least well known members of the now non-existent female group Destiny’s child.

You’re not always going to have time to read through my posts to find out how I feel about what I eat, and pictures can be deceiving. I also get the sense that after the mouth-watering description I don’t fail to give you will probably be more than ready to try out the food yourself.

So where I feel is necessary I am introducing the LoafLusters official rating system. Please note that this is not for the restaurant as a whole but simply for the exact meal I had. If it was so awful or so good that I feel I must communicate it, I will put up a separate rating for the restaurant as a whole.

The rating system used will be :

Loaf Lusters Favorites

What you give is what you get

When you’re hungry you can eat anything

On the come up

Not even in foodie hell

The selected rating will have a ‘*’ beside it.

It is likely that most of the meals feautured will be a ‘LoafLusters Favorite’ because I’m here more to let you indulge in the good than warn you about the bad. But if I do encounter unpleasant surprises I will be more than willing to let you know.

Don’t forget that I have also began to include menu’s for the spots in the posts so you can check what’s worth what.

P.s. I have no idea why I sound hoity-toity and uppity in this post. Must be the Anton Ego in me.

But I love that you’re still willing to eat vicariously through me