Hey there Loaf Luster!

I’m here to make you nostalgic for food you are yet to eat! (not forgetting warning you against food you shouldn’t)

Good food should have you ignoring your pregnancy bulge and craving for seconds.

Everybody loves a good meal, but surely you’re up for some eye candy too! I understand that you don’t have time to try out everything, so that’s why I’m here! I’m a loaf luster, like you I crave the beautifully simple indulgence a great meal has to offer. I also recognize the dent that great meals usually tend to leave in your budget. That’s exactly why I’m allowing you to live vicariously through me! I’ll give you food-portunities that will either cost you little to nothing, or be undoubtedly worth the cost. So ignore your calorie counter? We’ll “start our diet” on the 1st of January.

Happy eating,



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